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Home automation – this system allows you to control your appliances and security equipment while you are away from your home. This has become a very popular system in recent years, however, there will be additional charges for these features. You can watch live camera feeds and arm or disarm your system from mobile devices. Contracts – read the fine print on any contract. Check the length of the contract and the terms. Confirm exactly what the contract covers. Are items such as moving the system covered?Warranties – Most Myrtle Beach home security companies offer warranties that cover repairs and/or replacement of the system. Confirm all warranty coverage information with the representative before signing the contract. Scalability – your life changes with the addition of new family members, the need to care for aging parents and other life events. Make sure you are able to easily upgrade or downgrade your system. Can you make changes without extensive complications?These are questions you need to consider regarding a new home security system.

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No home automation.

That's because the outside camera front point has is wired.

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